News april 2022

After a very complicated period, between cancellations and postponements and cancellations and so on, we’re trying to see the end of the tunnel ! Dates are planned from the month of May, we will update these on the site after announcements by the organizers. So we are going to reconnect with the scene that we missed a lot. Stopped in its tracks, we will also play Nerzh again with Bagad Kemper, it is a great joy to find our friends from Bagad. Otherwise we are still working on new titles and taking our time, 2023 would be a good time to release a new album for the moment, let’s be patient. We also really want to shoot images, we will tell you about it this summer.

See you soon


News november 2021

Its last Nerzh project with Bagad Kemper having been unfortunately stopped by the pandemic and the cancellation of the dates of the tour scheduled for 2020, including the Arèna de Nanterre on March 7, 2020 for an exceptional night in Brittany, the group took his time to work on writing and composing a new album. The titles are written and composed. Recording is slated for spring for release in late 2022 or early 2023.

The 2022 tour is currently being prepared, and the group will participate on December 18 in the Rockeurs ont du coeur concert at Stéréolux in Nantes.

The group is also planning a little surprise in the spring to celebrate its 30 years of activity!

Climatilk – 2021

Climatik – 2021



1 – A Rochechouart

2 – A Tous Les Hommes

3 – Si Mille Choses

4 – La Scène

5 – A Montparnasse

6 – Rock’n Roll Comédie

7 – Fantômes

8 – Le Petit Bistrot

9 – We’ve Got To Be Alone

10 – Climatik

11 – Comme Une Pierre Qui Roule (Bonus)

12 – Le Fond (Bonus)


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